Orland Park has grown a lot recently

Heating as well as A/C work is my job, however history is my hobby, then i have always been a bookish sort of chap, from when my parents first brought me to this country from England.

I wasn’t born in this country, however it is the only one I have ever known.

I don’t even have much of a British accent, I just sound like I come from Orland Park like all the people else around here, however my parents were both important history buffs, as well as I think I got my curiosity from them, because I cherish reading about the land around Orland Park, as well as its long history. Before it was called Orland Park, the first settler in the part was a man named Henry Taylor, who moved here in 1834 as well as called it Orland, then a few other families of settlers joined him, as well as finally in 1892 the village of Orland Park became official. Even though there was access to a rail station, Orland Park did not grow very much. In fact, before the year of 1950 the village of Orland Park never had more that a few hundred residents at a time! Times have changed, however, as well as now Orland Park is abruptly approaching 60,000 residents! This is good news for me, because I am a certified Heating as well as A/C tech as well as I need all the buyers I can get; Orland Park is usually temperate throughout the year, however the winters can get bitterly cold, so my skills at boiler repair are always in demand. I may be a history buff, although I make my living by serving the Heating as well as A/C repair needs of Orland Park.

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