My sister spends most of her time complaining

My sister and her boyfriend broke up a couple of weeks ago.

My sister was residing about an hour south of Phoenix.

When they broke up, she asked me to come and pick her up. I knew that my sister and her boyfriend were arguing a lot, so I offered to drive down to get my sister. When she packed up my car with all of her things, I asked her where my fantastic friend and I were going and she said back to my site. I did not realize that my sister was planning to transport in with me when is he broke up with her boyfriend. I couldn’t exactly say no to my sister, so my fantastic friend and I made the decision to go back to my apartment in Phoenix. I did not say anything to my sister because it was late at evening. The next afternoon I got up and went to my job at the hospital. My sister called me a couple of hours later, she wanted to know how to change the temperature on the thermostat. I told my sister that there is a combination lock on the thermostat because I usually change the temperature using my smartphone. My sister demanded to know the password and combination so she could change the temperature on the thermostat. I did not want to argue with my sister on the iphone, because I was at work. I gave her the four digit numerical password. When I came house from my job, the temperature inside of the house was 66°. The A/C system was legitimately running all afternoon long. It’s impossible to expect the A/C system to cool the house to 66 degrees in Phoenix.

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