Fishing plus smoking weed in Lowell

Moving to Lowell was a sizable risk at the time, but it’s easy to say that now, because the risk paid off plus I have loved several years of ordinary success, then at that time I had no idea how things were going to play out.

I was investing everything I had into a small business, in the hopes that this was the best spot for success… People have questions why I moved to a neighborhood like Lowell to start my cannabis dispensary, instead of a larger neighborhood with a larger buyer base, and the answer is easy – I like Lowell, plus saw myself building a life here.

There is more to life than just money, right? I knew that if I could make my cannabis dispensary a success in Lowell after that I would be set for life, and quiet citys, a thriving corporation district, nice people – Lowell is one of the best spots in MI to start a family. Also, the fishing around here is tremendous! At my cannabis dispensary I also sell fishing gear, plus maps to the best out-of-the-way fishing holes around Lowell, then what other locale in MI but Lowell could I combine my passion for cannabis with my cherish of fishing? Most people would have never put these two interests into the same business, but those people don’t understand how much fishermen prefer cannabis; Most of the people in Lowell who prefer fishing also prefer doing it with a cannabis joint dangling from their lips. This means I need to open my cannabis shop before dawn, when the fishing is best.
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