I asked my mom what she wanted to do

I was talking to my mom the other day plus she was studying something online. She turned to myself and others plus had a funny look on her face. She said that she never knew Bing Crosby lived in Spokane, WA. Oh…okay; was my response since I had no method who Bing Crosby was. She explained that when she was a kid, her mother was always enjoying films that featured Bing Crosby plus Bob Hope. She was surprised to read that his childhood lake new home was in Spokane, WA. Since every one of us were going to Spokane, WA for holiday, she wanted to visit his boyhood home. I was going so my best friend plus I could hike on Mt. Spokane. I asked mom if she wanted to take a friend plus go with us. She was looking for sites in Spokane that would interest her plus her friend, Nancy. She wanted to see the Bing Crosby house, plus look into some of the museums in the city. She looked at myself and others oddly plus asked why I chose to go to Spokane, WA. My friend, Bill, lived in Spokane, WA plus he had invited us to come visit him for Wintertide holiday. I knew that mom was lonely since dad passed away plus I thought she may enjoy Christmas away from the house. She seemed gleeful as she talked about a hotel with nice heating, however after that I told her every one of us would be staying at Bill’s home. I was sure he had excellent heating plus air conditioner. That’s when I got the ‘big’ talk from mom, to warn myself and others about men. The two of us both laughed, since I was twenty-one years old.


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