Albuquerque marijuana prices are lower than other places

I’ve been to a lot of cities around the country and I can say with certainty that recreational marijuana prices in Albuquerque are some of the lowest in the country.

I’ve visited several different states that have legal recreational marijuana. Places on the east coast and the West Coast have legal recreational and medical marijuana laws. Prices on the west coast are definitely the lowest in the whole country. Places like Albuquerque and Santa Fe have inexpensive marijuana prices and great deals on a variety of different products. These products include cannabis edibles, tinctures, and flower. Cannabis edibles include any type of product that can be eaten. Edibles include RSO tincture, gummies, hard candies, brownies, and cookies. Tinctures are marijuana products that can be placed in drinks or consumed directly from the bottle. Cannabis flower is the type of product that most people think of when they picture cannabis. Prices on marijuana flower in Albuquerque are inexpensive too. My job wanted me to relocate to New mexico. My options were Albuquerque or Santa Fe and I chose Albuquerque. I’m really happy with the place and the job and the people have been very nice. The only thing that I’m unhappy about is all of the traffic. I swear that I’ve never seen so much traffic as there is an Albuquerque. It doesn’t matter if it’s daytime or night time, there’s a thousand cars on the road at all times of the day. Holidays are even worse. Black Friday was a nightmare, so I did all of my shopping online this year.


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