The sasquatch convention in Portland was a real hoot

First of all let me say that I do not believe in Sasquatch.

This is a common legend in this part of the country.

It might also be called Bigfoot, or the Skunk Ape, but mostly it’s called Sasquatch. I 100% do not believe it is real, even though my best friend Ed swears that he saw it once. Thanks to Ed I went along to the convention for other people who believed in Sasquatch. They called it the Squatch-Con, and I was stunned by the turnout. Hundreds of people had come to Portland, Oregon for the weekend, just to gather and discuss the Sasquatch. Have you ever heard anything so ludicrous? Of course I had an amazing time there, thanks in part to smoking copious amounts of cannabis beforehand. Portland is world famous for its amazing cannabis strains, and they helped me relax and enjoy the bizarre spectacle at the convention. Based on the amount of marijuana smoke I detected that day, I would say most people in attendance were high. It made me wonder if Portland was selected to host the convention because of the abundance of local cannabis. Several of the cannabis shops in the area around the convention center threw special Sasquatch-themed sales. There is even a brand of locally grown Portland cannabis called Sasquatch Musk, which was a huge hit with this crowd. I thought that most people there were a little creepy, but overall I had a great time. There is such wide diversity in Portland that you never know what you’ll see next.

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