Tuscaloosa was never my idea of fun

I never really wanted to move to Tuscaloosa.

The thought of living in a city with a bunch of college students sounded like an awful idea to me.

My husband was offered a job working for a Tuscaloosa HVAC repair center. I told my husband that I thought it was going to be a hassle for the two of us to move, but he convinced me that it was a good idea. The job at the Tuscaloosa HVAC repair center was $10,000 a year more than my husband was making in the small Alabama town where we were living. I knew that we weren’t going anywhere if we were going to stay there. I agreed to move to the city located on the banks of the Black Warrior river. At the time when we moved there were almost 100,000 people living in the city. Many of those people were going to college. My husband worked on an HVAC repair at the college in the admissions office and eight months later he left me for an intern that was working in the office. I knew it was a bad idea for us to move to Tuscaloosa and I knew it was an even worse idea to start a business in a town with a bunch of college students. As soon as we got a divorce, I moved back home and never thought about that jerk again. As far as I know, he is still working for the same HVAC repair center in Tuscaloosa. He might even be dating the same College student.

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