My team and I got a task in Plano

My crew and I are based out of Houston, but my pal and I recently got a pretty important commercial task located in Plano, Texas, and it was my first time ever going to Plano, Texas.

It was quite a drive for the crew and I to get to the town which is part of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metropolitan area, and most of the town is located within Collin County and our heating and A/C upgrade task was located in that county as well, then the crew and I stayed at a hotel that was close to the commercial task site.

My fine friend and I were in Plano, Texas toiling on the heating and A/C upgrade task for 3 weeks… On the weekends, I used my time to explore areas around the city. I was impressed with the town of Plano, but I also spent some time in dallas. I went to a couple of bars and clubs with my crew. I do not normally spend a lot of time outside of the task with anyone, but my pal and I were all new to the town and did not know anyone so my pal and I went out together. My fine friend and I went to a bar that played country music and I was sitting at the bar ordering a drink when a woman bumped into me; She turned around and pushed me into the bar and it wasn’t even my fault that my pal and I bumped into each other. I thought the woman was going to hit me, so I decided to walk away. The last thing that I needed was to wind up in jail when I was there representing my heating and A/C upgrade supplier.

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