Stuck in neighborhood for a while so I explored Albuquerque

I was in a unusual mood that night, then i was flying my way back household after spending a weekend with my old university pal Mary.

I thought my buddy and I were going in a romantic direction, but Mary wanted to stay “just friends.” This was genuinely aggravatedting to me, which is why I was in such bad spirits on the flight, however we landed near Albuquerque, and the pilot told us that due to an unexpected delay my buddy and I would be there for 8 to 10 hours.

I was too uneasy to get irritated, so I just grabbed my bags, hailed a cab, and drove into Albuquerque to kill time. I had never been to Albuquerque, or any other part of New Mexico, so I did a little Google searching on my way towards the downtown area. I was blissful to find that cannabis was legal in Albuquerque, so I had my driver drop me off at the first dispensary I saw, but let’s get the get together started right! I bought 2 pre-rolled joints and a package of cannabis edibles. I smoked one of the joints and a few of the edibles as I meandered through the darkened streets of Albuquerque, however there is something special about the night sky over the desert, because the stars seemed a little brighter over Albuquerque… but maybe that was just the cannabis talking. I was not forewarned how potent and powerful Albuquerque cannabis strains are, because I was super stoned! Finally I hailed another cab and made it back to the Albuquerque airport just before the sunlight came up.
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