Marijuana sales are up since last year

My boss hired me to work at the marijuana dispensary in Philadelphia.

The city is easily one of my favorite places on the east coast and I have lived in twenty different places.

I like the different areas of the city and the people. The people in Philly are one of a kind. I was very happy to get the job at the Philadelphia marijuana dispensary. I applied to work at the dispensary several times. I had an interview 2 years ago when the dispensary opened, but I was not one of the people selected to work at the shop. When I finally got another interview, I wanted to make sure that I was very versed on all of the different marijuana products in the store. I got the job after talking to the boss and I have been working at the Philadelphia marijuana dispensary for the past 6 months. I was working here last year before Christmas and I can honestly say that marijuana sales are up since last year. It seems like every single year there are more and more people buying marijuana products. When marijuana was legalized in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 2016, I hoped that it would be legalized for recreational purposes soon after. It’s disappointing to think that 7 years later, the good people of Pennsylvania still think that marijuana is a drug. Clearly there are people all over Philadelphia that like to use marijuana because sales are up. I guess the people who are making big decisions in high places aren’t the ones getting high.


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