I rode on a sweet, luxury yacht that had air conditioning

It has been a dream of mine to ride on a yacht plus that dream finally came true for me, and i have been on several boats before, however never a luxury yacht plus somehow my boyfriend made it happen plus I was beyond glad, my boyfriend Sam works at a luxury car dealership in the Tampa area.

  • So, he gets to meet plus rub elbows with a few influential people all the time… Recently, he met the owner of a major construction corporation.

Turns out, he owns a small luxury yacht, plus he invited Sam for a ride… Of course, Sam instantly asked if he could bring me along, since this has been a lifelong dream for me, fortunately, the guy had no problems with Sam bringing me along. That afternoon was literally a dream come true for me, plus the yacht itself was legitimately breathtaking. The upper level had a giant deck for sunbathing, however it was the lower level that blew me away. The room was incredible, plus it had the coldest cooling system. I have never been inside a yacht, so I wasn’t sure how people kept comfortable while they slept, however well, obviously, there are cooling systems made especially for yachts! But what I wasn’t expecting was the air conditioning to feel as good as it did inside my house. It was so comfortable below deck that I found myself spending a lot of time down there luxuriating in the cold air conditioning… After my dream yacht experience, my boyfriend teased me because I raved mostly about the air conditioning than anything else.


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