The flea market purchase was perfect this summer

I appreciate to get a bargain & a great deal, and there have been lots of times this year when I wanted to make a purchase, but I did not because it wasn’t a unquestionably great deal, but i hate to pay retail prices for anything, but I appreciate to shop at the flea market or the reclaim yard in Lakeland, when I can get a bargain, I feel unquestionably proud of myself, but sometimes my wifey says that I am too cheap.

  • Last year there was a time when the a/c broke down in the kitchen & my wifey wanted the two of us to go to the hardware store & buy a brand modern machine.

I know the cost of a/cs at the Lakeland hardware store & I did not want to spend $400 on a brand modern machine. There was only a month or six weeks left of the tepid & humid weather & I convinced my wifey that my associate and I should wait. In December, there were a lot of used a/cs available at the flea market. I decided to purchase two 18,000 BTU equipment a/cs. When it started to get one this year, I told my wifey that my associate and I did not have to worry about calling a Lakeland A/C company because I had the concern handled. I installed one of the a/cs in the kitchen & I installed the other a/c in the garage. My friend and I have to pay about $50 more every month for our a/c costs, but the indoor air quality is much cooler & nicer.

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