The city and state parks of Tampa are beautiful

Tampa Bay weather is really difficult, especially during summer when heat plus humidity are at their highest.

My family plus myself moved to the Tampa Bay Area multiple months ago.

Every one of us are still not accustomed to the overall heat plus humidity. Outdoor humidity temperature can make it feel like for full digits everyday afternoon. When the guys plus myself went outdoor activities like going to the city and state parks of Tampa, we try to leave early before the weather is too uncomfortable and also sizzling. One favorite location we prefer to visit is the state park called Fort DeSoto. The offshore park has five keys that are the large island of Mullet Key, St. Jean key, fortune cookie, Madeline key, and Christopher key. The islands make up a large system called Fort Desoto State Park. It was used as a military camp and now it is a natural habitat. It’s a Wonderful location to take the kids during spring months when the temperatures are perfect. It can also be nice to go to the Tampa Bay parks during summer as long as you leave early during the morning hours. When lunch finally rolls around, it’s definitely time to leave and head somewhere else. An afternoon at the beach can quickly turn into problems if you aren’t prepared for afternoon temperatures with lots of water and sunscreen. On days like this when it is very hot, I absolutely prefer to stay home instead of going somewhere outdoors. That is the Tampa Bay way these days.

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