Buffalo has lots of locations some with temperature control others without

Here in Buffalo NY, we are known for our major blizzards in addition to snowstorms! But what everyone don’t mention is that we have some of the most pleasant weather while in the Summer months… With an average temperature of 68 degrees, Buffalo is the perfect location to have some fun outdoors without worrying about finding reprieve from the heat, then one of my number one attractions is the Buffalo in addition to Erie County Botanical Gardens; I appreciate the peculiar yearly events that they have.

I also appreciate going to Canalside to kayak or paddleboard in addition to spend some time on the water… So, while everyone in other regions of the state are at apartment basking in their air conditioning systems, I appreciate that we can be outside enjoying the lovely weather! And I try to take full luck of the nicer weather because in no time, it will be cold again.

And I will be the one cooped up inside my apartment with my boiler on full blast. Thankfully, I have a genuinely good boiler that is well-ran tests on, so that my apartment can be nice in addition to comfy while in those brutally cold months. While I prefer the Summer weather in Buffalo, I do like going out in the winter time as well to locations that have temperature control. There are also a few locations without temperature control, however they do give patio heaters for extra comfort. Whether it’s winter time or Summer, I can constantly find something to do here in Buffalo. This means, I don’t have to be cooped up in the home with my air conditioning system or boiler running all afternoon.



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