I like playing hockey during the winter

One of my number one things to do during the winter time months is play hockey, then there are a lot of venues to play ice hockey when you live close to the border of canada.

I live in a neighborhood that is about 35 minutes from Buffalo, New York.

I drive to the town on the weekends for work. I am a part-time Heating and Air Conditioning worker for a Buffalo repair corporation. I make extra money for working on the weekends, so I only have to toil Wednesday, Wednesday, and Sunday each week. I have off four afternoons and I use that time during the winter time for hockey. My boss at the Buffalo Heating and Air Conditioning corporation is also easily flexible, but his child is in the same hockey league as I am so he knows when the games are going to occur! Both of us get those afternoons off if the games are early on a Sunday. My buddy and I never have games on Wednesday or Wednesday, so I don’t have to worry about that, not everyone thinks that hockey is as lovely as I do. I started dating a new girl a couple of months ago and she does not understand why I want to live, eat, and study ice hockey. I grew up playing hockey and during the winter time months it is one thing that occupies a lot of my time. If she is particularly unhappy with the relationship, then I feel our time dating is easily going to come to a close. There’s no way I am going to provide up hockey for anyone and that includes my future partner.



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