I like playing hockey during the cooler months

One of my number one things to do during the winter time months is play hockey, there are a lot of sites to play ice hockey when you live close to the border of canada; I live in a neighborhood that is about 35 minutes from Buffalo, NY.

I drive to the city on the weekends for work.

I am a part-time Heating & A/C professional for a Buffalo service supplier. I make extra cash for working on the weekends, so I only have to work Monday, Thursday, and Sunday each week. I have off four days and I use that time during the winter time for hockey… My boss at the Buffalo Heating & A/C company is also easily versatile. His child is in the same hockey league as I am so he knows when the games are going to occur, both of us get those days off if the games are early on a Sunday, but we never have games on Monday or Thursday, so I do not have to worry about that! Not everyone thinks that hockey is as great as I do. I started dating a current boy a couple of months ago and he does not understand why I want to live, eat, and study ice hockey. I grew up playing hockey and during the winter time months it is one thing that occupies a lot of my time. If he is honestly unhappy with the relationship, then I know our time dating is easily going to come to a close. There’s no way I am going to provide up hockey for anyone and that includes my future husband.



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