The heat and humidity made the move unbearable

Everyone of us lived in farm country and grew up with potatoes, tomatoes, plus corn.

Everyone of us knew that college was the only way we would get out of the location.

Every one of us didn’t go to parties or attend places with our friends and instead concentrated on getting the best grades in the school. After finishing with all of the advanced and college classes, every one of us attended a school near Tampa, Florida. Every one of my friends plus myself were genuinely excited to go to the Tampa Bay University. The place agreed to supply myself plus others with a full-ride scholarship. My parents were terribly unhappy that every one of us went to a school far from home. Occasionally, no one notices what they have until all of that is gone and this easily occurred after I moved to Tampa Bay. I knew that the humidity plus heat would be bad, but Tampa Bay weather is so much different than Massachusetts. I believed warmer weather with heat and humidity would be exceptional, however, it felt just like I imagine he’ll be. Every one of us only spent various years living in Tampa before eventually transporting back to our hometown to finish college at a school up north. Moving to the southern Tampa location and Florida seems like a good idea, but in reality it was not the place where everyone of us wanted to be. I really learned to appreciate the place where I live and I don’t ever want to move from my home again.

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