Paradise Park is fun for families

I live in Lee’s Summit and it is the best arena to raise a family, my youngsters are consistently finding things to do doing and keep himself entertained, a staple is to go to Paradise Park.

A 15 acre park with more than 2 activities from rock climbing, mini hockey, frisbee, and go karting are available… There are even escape rooms, game rooms, an arcade and foam factory.

There is an educational center where youngsters can spend hours just messing around in there, and it is fun for any aged child I have found. My children and I make it a mission to hit everything the park has to offer over the summer. It was a actually good time. When college is out the youngsters are looking for things to do doing. The weather over the summer time in MO is perfect for outdoor fun, then so one afternoon we will ride go-karts and the next afternoon head back to play soccer at the park. Another afternoon will be an arcade afternoon and then dinner, and you get the picture. All summer time long the youngsters have activities that are safe, educational and local. I like supporting the local dealers and landmarks. What is good is that basically everyone in neighborhood has the same ideas. The youngsters get to see their friends and I get to meet up with other parents that are in the same boat as me. I can’t imagine living anywhere else since I know that not every location has a gem like Paradise Park. A fun interest area is a must have when you have youngsters.


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