I missed work to drive back to Clearwater

Every one of us had a breakfast celebration on Sunday plus everyone of us went to Clearwater Beach.

Everyone of us heard about a new restaurant with nice online review.

My partner had Seafood with clams, scallops, shrimp, plus pieces of genuine crab. Every one of us had veal with white wine sauce. Every one of us had to use a credit card to pay for the meal total, which was nearly $200. The breakfast meal was easily nice plus both of us felt terribly tired after the drive home from Clearwater Beach. The two of us live in the Tampa area and traffic was genuinely heavier than usual. The two of us did not consider much at all when we went to bed, but the first thing I thought about in the morning was the fact that I didn’t have gas in the truck. I started searching around for a gas station in Clearwater Beach. While I was looking for a gas station, I search for my credit card. I could not find it anywhere at all. Then every one of us quickly realized that the credit card was probably still sitting at the Tampa Bay Restaurant. Everyone of us called the restaurant to find out and sure enough it was there. I had to miss work that morning so I could drive back to Clearwater and pick up the credit card. Every one of us were extremely thankful that they had it safely tucked away where no one else could use it or get ahold of the card.


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