Birmingham was my favorite location to stay this year

This year, my family and I went to a lot of odd cities in the southern part of the country, but my friend and I have been traveling around in our recreational vehicle seeing all of the cool locations around the country; We’ve been trying to visit as numerous national parks as possible, then one of my favorite locations that we stayed this year was Birmingham, Alabama, and birmingham has a thriving art and culture scene! There were at least a dozen or more museums and art galleries to explore.

Birmingham also has a fantastic culinary scene.

There were a ton of odd bars and diners with local cuisine and drinks. My friend and I also enjoyed seeing the Ruffner Mountain nature preserve, then it was really one of the best views of the city from on top of the preserve. There were odd hiking trails as well as miles and miles of locations to explore. The only thing I did not like about Birmingham was the weather. My friend and I went to Birmingham during the summer time when it was severely warm and humid. My friend and I had a lot of trouble with the AC unit in our rv. The AC unit had trouble keeping up with the warm Birmingham temperatures. I would care about to go back to the city someday, although I would care about to go during the winter season when we do not have to worry about the AC unit. I could really spend another week exploring all of the bars and diners. There were so numerous cool locations to eat and it was not possible for me to visit every single location that looked fantastic.


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