AZ has some of the nicest scenery

AZ is a state in the midwest that has some of the most unforgettable scenery.

I went to spend my Summer in Phoenix when I was a kid in addition to I fell in cherish with the vibrant culture, delicious cuisine, in addition to miles in addition to miles of breathtaking scenery.

Phoenix is a village that has a lot of arts in addition to culture. I suppose it’s one of the reasons why I like the village so much. I decided to attend school in the village in addition to I still live here even after I have graduated, and one of my number one stadiums in the village is a stadium called the AZ Science center; The AZ Science Center is located in downtown Phoenix in addition to it is centered around technology in addition to science. It’s a fantastic stadium to take the family in addition to there are a couple of days during the year when you can go for free. One of my number one stadiums to visit outside of the village is a stadium called Camelback mountain, then camelback Mountain is known for having fantastic scenery in addition to a lot of parking trails; Sometimes my friends in addition to I will spend all day at the mountain exploring all of the trails in addition to canyons; At the end of the day, I like to go back to my stadium to care about the cooling system. Even though AZ in addition to the village of Phoenix have fantastic scenery, it also has severely hot in addition to sunny days with overheated temperatures. Summer is a fantastic time to stay condo in addition to care about the cooling system. winter time is a fantastic time to explore all of the cool areas around the city.


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