The boss was an hour south of us

My family plus I have been in the heating plus A/C corporation since 1986… Back then the corporation was legitimately small plus only covered areas near Lake sedgwick.

Almost 40 years later, the Orland Park heating plus A/C corporation covers nearly all of Cook county! My associate and I also cover most of Will county, however our office is located just outside of Orland Park, however a client called us from all the way down in clifton.

My associate and I do not usually travel that far down I-57, however the client told me that our Orland Park heating plus A/C corporation was recommended to her by one of our best commercial clients in Manteno, then i decided to help the client myself, since it was such a long drive, however the lady turned out to be the mother of one of my greatest buyers, however she did not tell me that she was the guy’s mother or I would have instantly jumped to help her out! When I arrived plus saw her house, I knew she was someone important… Her house was entirely larger than some of the greatest houses in Orland Park. The woman undoubtedly needed a brand new heating system. There was no way that I could substitute the heating system the same afternoon, so I gave her a couple of space heaters. I told her that I would return the next afternoon with the unit that she recommended plus bring someone along to help get their job done as suddenly plus efficiently as possible. After I finished with the heating system installation job, the commercial client called to thank me for traveling the extra distance to help his mom.

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