There are lots of ways to cool off at a theme park

One of the best things about living in Orlando is that my friend and I have a lot of attractions! My relaxing friend and I have Disney World, Universal, SeaWorld, plus more, however plus, there are lots of other smaller attractions that are scattered throughout the city, so there is regularly something fun to do here, and of course, the weather is respectfully hot for most of the year, which allows for visitors to maximize their theme park experiences… I live in Orlando, despite the fact that I am not a immense fan of the theme parks during the warmer months, however besides the fact they are regularly crowded, I don’t certainally like being outside in the heat for long periods of time… So, if I do go to the theme parks, I usually go during the cooler months of the year.

  • And though the parks have lots of retail plus indoor spaces that have air conditioning system, it’s not enough for me especially after resting in a line in the heat for over an hour; Don’t get me wrong, the parks do a relaxing task of keeping their visitors cool… There are misting stations, lots of places where you can get water, indoor attractions with air conditioning system, and water rides that are relaxing for cooling off; Not to mention that some of the queue lines also have air conditioned areas.

So, although there are lots of possibilities for cooling off at the park, I have a better experience when the weather is nicer outside, but while at the parks, I would rather spend my time basking in the nice weather, than worrying about finding spots for cooling off in the heat.


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