The trip was a plan to try legal weed the whole time

When my husband suggested going to Denver, Colorado for vacation in the middle of November, I thought he was crazy.

I didn’t want to go to the mile high city in the middle of the winter.

I realize November isn’t technically the winter season, but Denver has snow on the ground in September some years. I wasn’t particularly excited about the trip, but I promised my husband that I would have an open mind. I started looking at all of the activities available and I found a great deal of fun and interesting items. I was particularly interested in a microbrewery tour. The microbrewery tour travels around the entire city and you get to try different beers that are created right there in the mile high city. As I was looking through all of the tourist information, I realized one big detail that I completely forgot about tourism in Denver. The state has legal medical and recreational cannabis. I forgot about that information for a minute, but I was quickly reminded when I saw all of the advertisements for medical and recreational cannabis dispensaries in Denver, Colorado. I thought my husband might have some funny ideas, so I confronted him with the information. He confessed that he was hoping we would try recreational cannabis while we were in a state that allows legal use of the plant. I was completely against the idea until we landed in Denver and I realized that cannabis is absolutely accepted and used like alcohol or tobacco on a daily basis. I did try legal weed while we were on vacation.


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