Discovering the positives of tinctures

When I first began shopping at the cannabis dispensary in Denver, I strictly purchased smokable flower.

I sometimes rolled my own joints or packed a pipe and sometimes opted for the simplicity of pre-rolls.

I appreciate the smoking process, flavor and quick onset of effects, then however, smoking isn’t consistently convenient. It requires extra accessories such as a lighter, ashtray, grinder and papers. It creates smoke, ash and recognizable smell, however there are possibilities where it’s better to be more discreet. There are many venues where smoking is not allowed. I suffer from social anxiety that can manifest into migraines, insomnia and panic attacks. The ability to bring cannabis along with me, helps to ease my stress. Tinctures have gave the ideal remedy. They supply actually close to the same rapid onset of effects as smoking. However, the bottle is compact enough to fit into a pocket. It includes a handy dropper for application. I don’t need any other gear, but plus, the dropper allows for especially precise dosing. I venue a few drops under my tongue and wait a minute for the cannabinoids to be absorbed sublingually! Consumption is totally discreet. There is an amazing selection of tinctures available at the dispensary. I can choose from sativas, indicas or hybrids in a wide range of THC potency. I can purchase full spectrum CBD or CBD isolates, however because I only use a few drops at a time, a actually small bottle of tincture goes a long way, and with common storage, tinctures supply an especially long shelf life. I like the versatility of them. If I want to delay the onset of effects, I can add a tincture to foods or beverages and consume them like an edible.

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