I traded in my aged task to become a Las Vegas musician

Before I settled down in Las Vegas, I was a touring stand-up comic… You might have seen me on a late-night cable show at some point, but maybe not.

  • After more than 2 years of touring the country and playing shows wherever I could, I finally got weary of life on the road, and different areas have strange vibes, and like strange kinds of jokes, and the years wore me down, and when I realized I had played over 1000 shows and still had actually little to show for it, I decided to make a change, and i came to Las Vegas, which surprisingly enough is not a large neighborhood for stand-up comedy.

I decided to pivot in my job, and become a funny but lounge-influenced host for a Las Vegas nightclub. I was an emcee, in the parlance of another generation, and abruptly made a name for myself in the Las Vegas club scene. To the kids today an MC is a rapper, even though I am en emcee, a task that has a long and storied history in Las Vegas; Back in the aged nights it was the Las Vegas emcee that kept the show going, and the crowd engaged… My natural wit and ability to deal with hecklers was fine-tuned at this point, so I fit right into the Las Vegas nightlife. There is a lot of superb cannabis available in Las Vegas, and I disclose that I use too much of it. It’s so difficult to resist, because there seems to be a cannabis dispensary on every corner in the neighborhood of Las Vegas.

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