My wife and I love the 16th Street Mall

The 16th Street Mall in Denver, Colorado is definitely one of the longest outdoor mall locations on Earth.

The mall runs for about a mile and includes roughly 300 diners, stores, shops, as well as boutiques.

The 16th Street Mall also happens to be home to the Denver Pavilions. This open air concept mall was introduced in the late 1990s, and it has multiple well known establishments as well as diners such as Coyote Ugly, the Hard Rock Cafe, as well as Lucky Strike bowling lanes. My wifey as well as I were able to meet at the Denver Pavilions. She was a waitress at the Hard Rock Cafe as well as I was simply working as a dishwasher. When I decided to propose, I had the feeling that the Denver location was the perfect site. I had everything planned as well as I was really hoping that my wife would say yeah. I went to a cannabis dispensary that wasn’t far from my residence as well as I bought some recreational edible cannabis treats. I planned to put the ring in a cannabis edible. I told the budtender at the recreational cannabis dispensary as well as she gave me a couple of great ideas. When my wifey as well as I finished having our food at the Hard Rock Cafe, I got down on one knee and asked her to marry me. She was severely surprised, especially when she realized that the ring was inside the pot brownie. The rest of the night was totally fun. My fiance told practically everyone that she got engaged that night as well as we actually drank for free at most places that served alcohol. There are a fair amount of outdoor bars on the one mile Denver stretch as well as that’s a huge amount of beers.



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