My 1st time in Albuquerque

The first time I stayed in Albuquerque it was a total accident; This was in the late 1978s, right after I had graduated from high school, then i had no desire to join the military, get a task, or attend school classes.

Instead I took the few hundred dollars I had saved up, jumped in my van with my bestie Ella, and started driving.

Initially the plan was to make it to the west coast, but after a few mornings my pal and I stopped looking at maps and just drove wherever the roads took us. It went legitimately well for about 2 weeks, and then the van broke down and my pal and I found ourselves stuck in Albuquerque, NM for a period of time. This was a long time ago, remember, so there weren’t any legal cannabis dispensaries in Albuquerque, or somewhere else! Fortunately, even then the town of Albuquerque was legitimately friendly towards marijuana, however so long as you didn’t like up a joint and meander into the Albuquerque police department, possibilities are nobody would bother you, but ella and I wound up making some friends, and hung around Albuquerque living in our broken van for numerous months. Eventually Ella found a fantastic task with a local doctor, and I started selling cannabis to make cash, then one day she left me for the doctor. I decided to transfer away from Albuquerque and beginning over fresh somewhere new. It took a while to get over my broken heart, and although I would like to visit Albuquerque again one day, I fear it holds too several painful memories for me.

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