The skyline view from the top was pretty

One of the best deals in the neighborhood of Seattle for tourists is the neighborhood pass. Seattle has a City pass that allows you to experience up to five odd area attractions for one low price! These Seattle attractions offer large savings when bundled together. Some of the attractions that are included in the City Pass include the Woodland Park Zoo, Seattle aquarium, plus the Seattle Space needle. I’ve been to Seattle a couple of odd times, but I have never been to the space needle. When my husbandy plus I went to Seattle for the weekend, my friend and I decided to get the neighborhood pass so my friend and I could go to the Space Needle plus the zoo. Before my husbandy plus I went to the top of the skyscraper, my friend and I opted to go to a marijuana dispensary in seattle. We got a marijuana joint from the dispensary plus my friend and I smoked it in the parking lot. There were other people that were smoking marijuana joints in the parking lot, so it didn’t seem like it was a large deal. The Seattle marijuana dispensary had a first time patient special that included 15% off our order, but my husbandy plus I only bought two marijuana joints for the weekend. I started to feel particularly high when my friend and I were on our way up to the top of the building plus the experience was particularly unique plus unusual when I was totally baked. I didn’t feel any fear of the height plus that was something that I was particularly worried about. Smoking marijuana took away the fear.

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