Getting cannabis delivered to treat injury

Last summer, I attempted to hang an especially heavy light fixture in my living room.

I should have waited for my husband to get home from work and asked for assistance.

Because I was way too eager to install my new fixture, I got out the ladder, shut off the electric and removed the old ceiling light. I had no trouble with that part of the project. The new light is much bigger and heavier, and the installation process was tricky. I needed to hold up the weight of the fixture with my left hand while attempting to attach the wires, thread screws and all sorts of precision work. Since I couldn’t see what I was doing, the steps were especially challenging. Plus, I needed to support that heavy light the whole time. There was no opportunity to set it down or rest my arms, shoulders or back. I worked on that light for hours and ended up straining my trapezius muscle. I’ve never felt such pain before. I couldn’t sit, stand or walk. I was forced to lay flat on my back on the couch for three straight weeks. The upper left side of my back swelled and turned purple. My husband and my mother took turns taking care of myself, because I was totally helpless. The only thing I managed to accomplish was getting cannabis delivered to the house. Fortunately, the Muskegon dispensary includes online ordering and delivery. While lying on the couch, I had access to their full selection of products. I chose a selection of topicals, tinctures and edibles targeted at relieving pain and inflammation.



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