Finally got the option to go to Denver

Ordinarily I don’t like going to trade shows… Taking an jetliner, booking a hotel room, packing up my clothes… this is all too much work, & I don’t care to participate, however this year was different, & for once I was eager to book a flight & cross the country for a trade show about modern models of toilets, however i work in a store that sells bathroom fixtures & toilets, which is why I don’t like the trade shows.

This one was being hosted in Denver, Colorado, the Mile High City, a location I have always wanted to visit.

There are two main reasons I was excited about this trip; One of the reasons was the legendary cannabis crops on sale in the Denver area. There was a time when Denver was in the national news because of its cannabis dispensaries, & I have been curious to visit one ever since. The second reason I was eager to visit the city was because of the Denver Broncos. The Denver Broncos are without question my favorite football team of all time, & I wanted to walk around Empower Field even though it was the off season & I couldn’t see a game. As advantage would have it, the Denver Broncos were holding an open practice that weekend, so I got to spend a few hours sitting in the stadium seats & enjoying the boys play. If I could have smoked some cannabis at the same time it would have been perfect, but that would have felt disrespectful to the athletes of the Denver Broncos.

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