Wineries and beer stores drew us to Hillsboro, OR.

One of my number one things I like to do when getawaying is go to the wineries and breweries, then this is one thing that drew my fiance and I to each other. My pal and I planned most of our getaways around touring breweries and wineries. My pal and I didn’t need to worry if it was going to be too hot, or rainy. Most of the time my buddy and I were inside. This year, our destination is Hillsboro, OR. My pal and I read the average high is only in the low to mid eighties, and it sounded like the perfect palace to check out some wineries. The first venue my fiance wanted to visit was the SteepleJack Pizza & beer pub. Their original eveningclub was in an over 100 year seasoned church in Portland, ORs Sullivan Gulch village. They are now in a production facility, however they have a wide range of ales and lagers; I wanted to visit Oak Knoll Winery, Blizzard Wines, and Ruby Vineyard and Winery, and he told me to choose one, but I wasn’t sure… Blizzard Wines is open all year round, and offers tours, however so does Oak Knoll winery. They offer guided tours and have a wine tasting room, then ruby Vineyard and Winery was a bit more refined than the other two, however it was still a lot of fun. I wanted to go to all three so badly that I begged him to change his mind. He told me my buddy and I could take the tours, as long as it wasn’t raining, despite the fact that he appreciated wine as much as I did. My pal and I had an amazing time visiting the wineries and breweries while in Hillsboro, OR, and I came property with several cases of wine from each winery..


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