I had to come to Waldorf, MD to go to an escape room. (R&H Escape Room)

I’m not complaining, but I wasn’t happy when my best friend told me she found the most amazing escape room, and I had to go with her.

I didn’t want to go into an escape room, and traveling almost 100 miles to visit one was not on my agenda.

It was almost Christmas, and I had a lot of shopping to do and gifts to wrap. She was really insistent and told me we could visit her brother while in Waldorf, MD. We left home and headed to Waldorf, MD, just a week before Christmas. I was 45 degrees when we arrived on Monday afternoon. I was shivering after having the heat on in the car for the last three hours. We stepped out of the car and ran into Mary’s brother’s house. He greeted us warmly, but it was the warmth of the HVAC system that I was craving. I couldn’t believe I was going to allow her to take me to an escape room this close to Christmas. I was already in Waldorf, MD, and we weren’t leaving for two days. BIshop, Mary’s brother, told me I would have a blast at the R & H Escape room. Instead of actually walking, everything is virtual reality. We would work as a team, but we would wear headsets. He asked if I wanted a zombie adventure, jailbreak, or something tame, like an Egyptian experience. I really wanted to go home, but I chose the jail break. By the end of the night, we had done every VR escape room, and had a blast. I was actually glad to have gone with my friend. It was warm inside, and I didn’t need to face the falling temperatures outside.


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