The neighbor told me that she’s moving to Tampa

My neighbor and I have lived next to each other for the past 3 years; Recently he told me that he is going to be moving to Tampa, but i am really surprised to find out that he is going to move.

She has lived in the neighborhood for much longer than I have and I thought he was blissful here! My pal and I talked a couple of days ago about his move and he told me that one of the greatest reasons he was moving was due to money; A Tampa a/c maintenance corporation offered his $3 more an hour and he gets medical and dental benefits at the modern job, then the a/c maintenance corporation where he was laboring did not offer any benefits at all.

Maybe the reason is due to the small town area, however Tampa is a much bigger city. My neighbor is really excited about the changes. She thinks Tampa is going to be a lot more fun and I agree. There’s about a thousand things to do in Tampa at evening, and here in our small town there’s a redneck karaoke bar and that’s it. I told his that I would be more than blissful to help his move. I have a box truck that I use for work and I could truly help his move down to Tampa. I can fit a lot of boxes in the back of the 19ft trailer. It’s only about a 90-minute drive from the place where my associate and I live now. I could meet some people in Tampa and maybe go visit my neighbor after he gets settled.

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