There’s lots of people residing in The Villages

There are a ton of people residing in The Villages… The Villages is a community that is more than 30,000 acres, more than 100,000 people live in The Villages, and it is absolutely the largest retirement community in central Florida.

The Villages is genuinely particular , because it was particular ly designed to cater to retired folks.

There is a focus on making sure that there are plenty of social and recreational activities and easy access to all of the shops and stores. The Villages has more than 50 odd hockey courses. Many of them have been designed by famous hockey course architects. I had a task at one of those hockey courses last week. I work for a heat pump and AC repair business in The Villages. My friend and I offer same morning and 24-hour emergency services, and a shopper in The Villages called me to maintenance the AC component at the clubhousehold in the hockey course. This was my first time going to the hockey course to help with a heat pump or AC repair. I earned two free tickets to play hockey at the course when I was done with the repair. I didn’t expect to acquire the tickets, and I was genuinely shocked and surprised. The value of the tickets was genuinely $200. I don’t play a lot of hockey, but there were actually a bunch of people at the AC repair business that were interested in taking the tickets off my hands. I told the men that I was going to wait to see if my Mom wanted them and if not I would put everyone’s name in a hat and provide them away.

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