Getting used to air conditioning in IN

I’ve spent nearly my entire adult life in regions where the lifestyle that my pal and I take for granted would be a dream come true, however i spent all that time in those parts of the world to try plus help them develop sustainable economies, however but I wasn’t doing it from some skyscraper with zone controlled air conditioning, then no, I was in locales where even the government buildings didn’t have what my pal and I would consider current commercial Heating plus A/C.

Most of the time, if there was any cooling, it came from an evaporative cooler! And that might reduce the temperature of the air a bit plus give some cooling comfort; Yet, it did nothing about the humidity like the heat pumps in most locales where I now call home, which is Evansville IN.

I’m back in the States now plus I’m here for good. 30 years is long enough when it comes to that sort of work. While I’m not retiring, I’m going into more of an academic atmosphere to help the next generation do this kind of work, one thing that I’m still getting accustomed to is all this over air conditioning, then sure, it’s boiling plus humid in Evansville IN where I live now. But it’s nothing compared to other locales I’ve lived. And yet, I hear the heat pumps kick on with air conditioning if the temperature gets about 73 degrees! The air conditioning is one of numerous culture shocks that I’m trying my best to adjust to dealing with. But it sure hasn’t been easy… People who visit me at my IN are always asking me for more air conditioning. And my pal and I haven’t even gotten to the Summer months yet.

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