I thought the Alcatriz visit would be more educating

Alcatraz Island was genuinely used as a fort, military prison, & a federal penitentiary.

These days, it is owned by the National Park Service. Golden Gate National Recreation Area includes Alcatraz Island. The island easily has more than a million visitors every single year. There are guided & self tours available too. My spouse & I made the move to take our children to Alcatraz Island the other weekend and our youngsters are 10, 12, & 13 years old. All of us thought it would be a very exciting experience. I visited Alcatraz Island when I was younger, although I had not been back in forever. On our way to Alcatraz Island, my spouse & I stopped at a cannabis dispensary. Cannabis is completely legal in CA & the prices of weed are overpriced in the San Francisco Bay Area. Because we were going to Alcatraz Island in the San Francisco bay area, we made the choice to stop closer to home. The cannabis dispensary was having a relaxing sale on vape pen cartridges, so my spouse & I each picked up a disposable vape pen for our visit to San Francisco. Regrettably, our visit did not go as planned. As soon as we got to the secure area, our child started to make complaints about stomach cramps. I thought he had to use the powder room, so we opted to go to look for a restroom. All of us got severely lost looking for the toilet. All of us ended up in a room with no windows & truly creepy sounds. I absolutely suppose the place is haunted, and nobody else was in the room with my child & I, although I still heard numerous screams & moans coming from somewhere.
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