Snowmelt system is a must in Glenview

In Illinois you need to be ready for winter.

AC you can take or leave it. Heating is the biggest priority in our area. In Glenview, it is impossible to get heating service or a repair job in the winter season. You need to think ahead and get it taken care of in the fall. Then you need to ensure your heater works great for the reminder of the long, brutal cold season. I have a hydronic heating system. A boiler is in my basement and piping is stretched throughout the floorboards. I recently upgraded and got the pipes to stretch to my driveway. I now have a snowmelt system. I see my neighbors shoveling and plowing almost daily in the winter. Having a snowmelt system means I can just walk outside and be on my pavement. I then turn the key and drive away. I don’t need to warm up my car or chip away ice since it sits in the radiant heat. I don’t need to set an alarm earlier in the winter due to snowtime prep. It was more than worth the money. I feel like a salesperson for our Glenview HVAC dealer. Anyone I talk to I mention my snowmelt system. It is just too good and perfect for our area. If you live where it is snowy and cold most of the year, like it is in IL, then you need a snowmelt system. In order to have it though, you need to spring for the boiler system. I am really glad that I did.


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