I got a task laboring at the medical facility

When you are certified to toil as a heating and A/C repair specialist, there are a lot of odd tasks that you can do, however i went to college to learn heating and A/C repair and installation work.

I became a Nate Certified Technician 2 years ago.

I started laboring as a repair specialist in St… Petersburg, Florida. I was residing in Tampa Bay at the time and the St. Petersburg HVAC corporation was hiring. I worked for the St. Petersburg HVAC corporation for a year and then I found a task laboring at the hospital. I appreciate laboring at the hospital, because every afternoon is different. I never know what tasks I am going to be laboring on, then there is a lot of odd heating, ventilation, and A/C unit located in the hospital; Just last yearI worked in the surgery room on the air filtration system. I had to close down surgery room A for a few afternoons because the reverse air filtration system was not laboring. I spent two afternoons trying to figure out what was wrong with the system and how I could repair it for good. The next afternoon I worked in the hospital family room on a mini split ductless A/C equipment problem. The next afternoon I was laboring on an media air cleaner in the lobby, from one afternoon to the next, I never know what I am going to be doing! When I was laboring as a repair specialist, most of the time the tasks were the same. I am having a lot more fun at the current task.

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