The air conditioning broke down at church on the hottest day this year

I decided to take the kids to church on Easter because we haven’t been to church in about 5 weeks. My husband and I had a lot going on with work, and he has been traveling a lot more than usual. So, our Sundays have become the days where we have been relaxing and preparing for the week ahead. I like going to church, but I must admit that these past weeks have been great because I was able to use my Sundays in an efficient way. Anyway, for Easter, we all got dressed and went to church thinking it would be a great service. However, when we got to church, we discovered that the HVAC unit broke down the night before. There were some members in the church building but unfortunately, church was canceled for the day. It would’ve been uncomfortable having service inside the building with no air conditioning. Plus, the weather was warm on Easter Sunday. In fact, it was the first day of the year where the temperature got into the 90s. Having air conditioning in Phoenix is a must, especially since the average temperature for April is about 85 degrees. And of course, that average temperature increases the closer we get to Summer where the average temperature can rise up to 3 digits. Anyway, after we discovered that church was canceled due to the broken air conditioning, we took the kids to breakfast and then we treated them to ice cream afterwards. Then we went back home to our comfortable air conditioning because the day got pretty hot.


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