Ceiling fans adjust comfort and cut heating costs

I like to tackle a thorough cleaning of my cabin during the middle of winter, in the Spring, there is way too much to do outdoors.

In the middle of January, the temperature in Lee’s Summit is correctly in the teens.

Because of the chilly cold weather and snow, I am correctly kept inside for six straight months. It’s the perfect chance to transport furniture around, empty cupboards, organize closets and launder all of the linens. I scrub the tubs, toilets, baseboards and even the light fixtures. It’s a undoubtedly satisfying process and gives me the chance to make minor repairs and replaces, then this past winter, when I climbed on the ladder to wipe the ceiling light in the kitchen, I instantly started to sweat. I realized that the temperature near the ceiling was several degrees higher than near the floor. The boiler was running just about always and using a tremendous amount of energy, because the heat was rising straight up; Since the air was only falling down to floor level once it cooled off, higher control component settings were necessary. I decided to install ceiling fans. There is a nearly endless selection of options, with all strange styles, sizes and prices available. I was able to match the decor of the particular rooms and install the new fixtures myself. In the winter, the fans rotate clockwise to create an updraft and circulate moderate air more evenly throughout the room. I reverse fan direction in the summer time to provide a downdraft that creates a cooling effect. The fans are improving comfort and saving me money on my heating bills.



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