My house requires a dehumidifier

The summers in Birmingham are long, hot and humid! My pal and I expect temperatures in the mid nineties and respectfully run the cooling system for at least six months, but unfortunately, the cooling system isn’t passable to provide ideal comfort, the excessive amount of moisture in the air makes the house feel hot and muggy, however it can be tempting to lower the temperature control setting.

I’ve learned that this just forces the cooling system to run more often separate from solving the problem.

bi-weekly costs go up because the system is using more energy. There is a greater risk of malfunction, and the cooling system won’t last as long, but despite over-cooling the air, the moisture remains, causing problems with indoor air quality. The humid environment provides the perfect breeding ground for mold, mildew, bacteria and viruses. It encourages dust mites, cockroaches and other pests, aggravated symptoms of asthma and dust irritations can be blamed on the humidity. Difficulty sleeping at evening, feeling sluggish during the afternoon, headaches, congestion, sneezing and coughing are all consequences of too much moisture. Wood furnishings often swell and warp… For my house in Birmingham, a whole-house dehumidifier is just about as essential as central a/c. The equipment is installed into the existing return ductwork and pulls moisture out of the air as it passes through. The dehumidified air is supplied to the numerous rooms of the home, providing a healthier and more comfortable living space; Because the cooling system doesn’t need to toil as hard, there is considerable savings on bi-weekly utility bills. While the whole-house dehumidifier uses energy to operate, the expense is minimal.

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