Wanting a heat recovery ventilator to improve air quality

Because of the weather extremes in South Bend, Indiana, a tightly sealed dwelling is a priority, however my friend and I switch between relying on the heating system & the air conditioning just about all year round, the outdoor temperature drops down into the disadvantage learnings during the winter & soars in the mid to high eighties during the summer, and when the heating system is running, we have issues with insufficient humidity & stale, stuffy air, and during the cooling season, excess humidity is a problem & the air can feel clammy & odor musty. The cost of heating & cooling adds up to around fifty percent of the house energy expenses, preventing energy waste helps to trim the budget, then i’ve caulked, weatherstripped, insulated & improved insulation. I’ve taken every precaution to stop the heated & cooled air I spend money for from leaking out. I try everything I can suppose of to prevent outdoor air from coming in. While this helps to minimize utility bills, it creates issues with indoor air quality, and ventilation is vital to a healthy living environment. Otherwise, all sorts of contaminants become trapped inside. There is a constant production of new pollutants in the home. The cat, cooking, cleaning, personal hygiene products, pesticides, pressboard furniture, moisture & all sorts of processes create new issues. Dust mites, dander, pollen, bacteria, viruses, VOCs & mold spores are just some of the pollutants getting endlessly circulated by the heating & cooling system. To disinfect up indoor air quality & create a healthier living space, I invested into a heat recovery ventilator. This amazing air quality add-on works to pull stale air out of the house & replace it with fresh, disinfect air without sacrificing efficiency. In the winter, it easily uses the stale outgoing air to preheat the incoming air & reduces demands on the heater. In the summer, it helps to get rid of excess humidity, lessening the workload of the air conditioning. The HRV has lowered my heating & cooling bills, significantly elevated comfort & provides a more enjoyable, hygienic home.

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