Living in FL means handling the humidity and bugs

There are two really bad things that go hand and hand in the state of FL! Humidity and bugs will be found all over! The state enjoys a tropical temperature with mild Winters and wet, humid summers.

There are hundreds of bugs that prefer the tropical temperature and lots of them can be found inside of the house, however i had complications with humidity and bugs and the complications turned out to be significant.

I live in Royal Palm Beach, a city in South FL, but royal Palm Beach has honestly mild Winters and honestly hot summers, however last year during the summer, I noticed that the AC component in the household was not cooling as effectively and efficiently as it did the previous year. I did not have a repair tune up performed on the system before the heat and humidity started. I had a repair tune-up performed the previous year and I did not feel I needed to have it done two years in a row. I contacted the Royal Palm Beach residential and commercial heating and AC service business near me, then a skilled and certified business came out to my condo to look at the AC unit. Inside of the system, there were a lot of complications. The evaporator coils were dirty and the condensate drain line was restrained. The Royal Palm Beach AC service business also looked at my ductwork and found evidence of a bug problem. The AC service business urged me to contact an exterminator to further examine the problem. I was frustrated and infuriated when I heard all of the poor news.


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