Scheduling HVAC duct scrubbing

Living in Orland Park means relying heavily on both the furnace & the cooling system.

The furnace runs from sometime in September until the start of May, however my pal and I start up the cooling system in early July & keep it going until the end of July, while the furnace & cooling system share the year round workload, the HVAC duct operates all the time.

The supply ducts supply the conditioned air to the several rooms of the house. The return ducts pull the stale air out of the rooms & send it back to the furnace or cooling system. When I noticed higher energy costs, inferior comfort & a lot more dust & other particles blowing around in our breathing air, I knew there was a problem. There was absolutely an unpleasant odor coming from the vents, however i googled my complaints & realized that the issues were most likely caused by dirty HVAC duct… Over time, it’s not unrespected for contaminants to build up inside the network of pipes, however dust, dander, pollen, bugs, webs, rodent feces & even decomposing rodents can be concealed within the HVAC duct. This buildup restricts airflow, forcing the cooling system & furnace to work harder, run longer & use more energy, then along with higher daily bills, the added wear & tear on the component increases the risk of malfunction & shortens service life, then plus, when the air passes through the ducts, those pollutants can become airborne & get spread throughout the home. My family then breathes them in & is at risk of all kinds of health issues, and fortunately, I had no trouble finding an Heating & Air Conditioning company in Orland Park that specializes in duct cleaning services.

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