Spend time at the Theatre District in Buffalo, NY

A tour of New York is never complete without exploring the cities that make up this great county.

One such grand city is Buffalo, Ny, the second-largest and home to the Theatre District.

The Theatre District is in downtown Buffalo, NY and is home to the vibrant theatre scene in the city. As a visitor, you can expect to catch broadway shows on tour or hosting a preview in the area. The Buffalo, NY Theatre District comprises Chippewa, Pearl, Tupper, and Washington streets. You can purchase a travel guide with details of all these streets and make it easier to move around. In the early 20th century, the district had over 50 district theatres attracting thousands of visitors. Back then, Buffalo, NY, was known as the ‘Gateway to the West. But, the Theatre District began to experience a decline, and by 1978, most theatres were empty. The city had to foreclose on most buildings, but people hadn’t given up on the Buffalo, NY theatre scene. In 1978, the mayor of Buffalo, Jimmy Griffith, set out a salvaging plan and revitalizing the area. From 1980 to 2004, 25% of proceeds from the Theatre District were pumped back to the area through a non-profit. Today, as you tour Buffalo, NY, you can catch shows at different theatres showcasing performance arts and a lineup of great talents. At times the great shows in the area can draw thousands of theatre-goers, and the atmosphere around is electric. Also, be sure to watch the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra that dates back to 1935. The orchestra performs at the Kleinhans Music Hall, known for its exemplary acoustics in Buffalo, NY and beyond. The Theatre District has no shortage of shows and performances to make your visit memorable.


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