I’m grateful that I moved to Denver

Jenny and I dated long distance for over two years before we moved in together. I know that we live in the age of online dating, but I still think it’s kind of weird. The idea that I could meet a woman and fall in love with her from 2000 miles away before we ever met in person was ludicrous! And yet, that’s just what happened. Over a series of texts, calls, and then video chats, Jenny and I fell deeply in love with one another. We got together once every few months, by flying across the country. Eventually, I decided to bite the bullet, sell my house, and move to Denver, Colorado to be with her. Jenny had a child from an existing marriage, you see, and so she could not leave Denver because it would mean leaving the child behind. She and her ex shared custody of the boy, so if she wanted to be with her son she had to stay in Denver. This worked out for the best for both of us, because Jenny also got me a job in a local cannabis dispensary. To me, being able to work in a Denver cannabis dispensary was a dream come true. Across this great nation, Denver has a reputation for being a trend-setter in the world of cannabis, and now I was a part of that! I hope that Jenny and I have a long and happy life together, but no matter what happens I will always be thankful for being able to live in Denver, Colorado.


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