Husband blasts the A/C even though my good friend and I live in Minneapolis, MN

My husband is kind of obsessed with a/c, but he absolutely runs a few degrees warmer than the average person.

  • He is consistently the one that is a little overheated or slightly tepid in Minneapolis, MN, however our condo temperature control is set to 74 degrees.

I am not cheerful with it. I would easily like to have 74 degrees. If I had to choose, I would take the heating over the A/C anyday. In the summer time I would like to not run the A/C as often as my unbelievable friend and I do, however sometimes Iw ould like to open up the windows and let in a fresh breeze. I am easily aware that the air quality in our condo is stale and dry. It would be nice to introduce fresh air for a few days, and my husband instantaneously complains about the heat though, the windows all get shut and the A/C is fired back on… Basically all year long, all morning the cooling system is required to work. I get so frigid that I mainly do my work and workouts outside. I do not care for laying around cold to death. In the winter I get a little miserable with myself. He doesn’t ever want to run the heating system and my unbelievable friend and I live in Minneapolis, MN. Suddenly now the air quality is so gross and my unbelievable friend and I have to open the windows. It is just because it is frigid and that is why he is pushing to have the windows open. I want to have heating sometime! I would like it to not be frigid in my house. I get tired of consistently needing pants and a jacket. It is like going to the movies where they blast AC. Only I live at the theater and I am never at the right temperature.

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