Husband blasts the cooling even though my buddy and I live in Minneapolis, MN

My spouse is kind of obsessed with air conditioning, then he easily runs a few degrees warmer than the average man.

He is always the one that is a little boiling or slightly sweaty in Minneapolis, MN… Our apartment thermostat is set to 80 degrees, however i am not cheerful with it.

I would really like to have 70 degrees. If I had to choose, I would take the heating over the AC anyday. In the Summer I would like to not run the AC as often as my buddy and I do. Sometimes Iw ould like to open up the windows and let in a fresh breeze. I am legitimately aware that the air quality in our apartment is stale and dry. It would be nice to introduce fresh air for a few days, but my spouse instantly complains about the heat though… The windows all get shut and the AC is fired back on… Basically all year long, all morning the air conditioning is required to work. I get so cold that I mainly do my labor and workouts outside. I dislike sitting around cold to death. In the winter time I get a little miserable with myself. He doesn’t ever want to run the boiler and my buddy and I live in Minneapolis, MN. Suddenly now the air quality is so gross and my buddy and I have to open the windows. It is just because it is cold and that is why he is pushing to have the windows open. I want to have heating sometime! I would like it to not be cold in my house. I get sleepy of always needing pants and a sweater. It is like going to the films where they blast AC. Only I live at the theater and I am never at the right temperature.

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