My addition needed in MA

When I decided to add an addition onto our Lowell, Massachusetts property there were a lot of choices to make, and i knew I wanted the area to serve as my office.

I wanted a lot of windows plus plenty of space to stretch out.

I also needed an linked bathroom. I debated on connecting to the existing air duct of the house. I then realized my new HVAC component would have needed to be replaced to a greater one. I didn’t want to get into that giant expense. I also don’t use my office all day long, everyday. It made sense to do a small HVAC component just for the office plus bathroom; For heating I had heated flooring put down, and underneath the office carpet plus bathroom penny brick there are electric heated mats; They keep the floor hot all winter long, then when your feet feel warm, the body feels hot as a result. I can lower the temperature in the office because it feels so toasty. For A/C I am able to get by with just a portable component that plugs into the wall. The air conditioning does a good task plus I only run it when I am in the room… So for a few hours five afternoons a week in the Lowell summers. It makes for a small energy bill plus does not affect the rest of the house. The addition itself was pretty expensive. It is nice that I was able to save quite a bit of cash on heating plus cooling. I entirely like how everything turned on, my new HVAC component works just perfectly for my Lowell, MA area.


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